Conception to birth and beyond…… 

If you were going to climb up a mountain would you not prepare yourself for this journey? 
You and your partner when deciding to conceive should also prepare yourselves for this journey. 
Your eggs are as old as you are which is plain fact. Yet the way in which you can nourish your eggs and the environment in which they mature can make a huge difference. By maximizing the right nutrition and avoiding some foods and ensuring your lifestyle does not hinder the process will only help to grow a healthy egg to maturity in a strong environment. 
The aim of my pre-conception plan is to help you improve your chances of conceiving by: 
Addressing any nutritional deficiencies or overloading 
Improving the health and quality of the ova, sperm and womb 
Weight management 
Balancing hormone levels 
Addressing any other factors that may be affecting your chances of conceiving such as environmental factors and stress levels 
Male nutrition and lifestyle is also just as important to this process so good nutrition and healthy living can be just as important to ensure healthy and strong sperm. 
Pregnancy Nutrition 
Pregnancy is so exciting and is a beautiful gift. The food that you eat will be providing the only source of nutrition for your growing baby. It is vital that you not only eat the right foods but also in the right quantities during the three trimesters. 
Often clients say to me that the information available on what to eat during pregnancy is conflicting and confusing. What I aim to do is to provide you with clear and concise advice on all the beneficial foods for you and your baby, as well as the ones to avoid. 
Being a mother of two myself I can give first-hand advice on how to optimize your diet whilst working or looking after children during pregnancy. 
Pre-pregnancy nutrition 
Pre-pregnancy nutrition is vital as having had a baby, is a huge undertaking for the body. It’s important to look after your body’s needs once your baby has come along. Many women can suffer from post-natal depression in the subsequent months after giving birth, however optimum nutrition can help to avoid this. 
Good nutrition and exercise can also help provide you with the energy and stamina needed for looking after your newborn and aid getting your body back in shape. 
I can also offer support to mothers during the weaning stage, any toddler difficulties. 


The menopause what can I say? I’m finding out all about it currently! 
Some women sail though the menopause without any symptoms and the only thing they notice is that their periods have stopped. Some of the women report being completely drenched in sweat day and night, and getting up to change their night clothes two or three times a night 
Symptoms of the menopause do vary from women to women. A well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle reduce the severity of many of these symptoms and protect against other problems associated with loss of oestrogen such as heart disease and calcium loss from bones. It can enable the body to adjust automatically to the hormone changes, naturally maintaining oestrogen from the adrenal glands and help to reduce any unwanted fat deposits. 
NUTRIME’s aim is to provide you with a Nutritional Programme to help you to alleviate menopausal symptoms and also to work on preventing any health problems that may occur including support if required with weight control. 
Diabetes and weight management 
Diabetes 11 is caused by to much blood sugar in our bodies. With the re-education of what we can and shouldn’t eat, will have a major impact on our sugar levels and thus diabetes itself. Weight management normally goes hand in hand with this and with the abundance of processed foods, lacking in nutrients and busy lifestyles which make planning and preparing healthy meals more difficult. The weight loss process becomes even more challenging. Our aim is to re-educate you on what sugars are contained in and help you to read labels and become more informed to make the right lifestyle changes. 
The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly. 
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