One of the most common questions I get asked by my friends, probably due to us all hinting the late forty something button is, “What nutritional support can I give myself during the menopause”? 
Firstly don’t feel your alone out there. There are about 37.5 million women reaching or currently at menopause.(1) and guess what? some of us walk this path with ease. 
According to NHS statistics the average in the U.K. for a woman reaches the menopause at 51 years. Once you have reached your final period you are in the post menopause phase of your life (2) 
But not all of us needs to panic and fear the worst. 43% of us will only experience nothing more, than irregular periods, hopefully you of you reading this blog ! The other 57% of women will suffer with more than one symptom of the menopause. That’s surely better than what you where thinking? that not all of us ladies, will turn into shouting crazed women with continuous hot flushes? 
Fact: Women who are malnourished begin the process of menopause up to 4 years earlier than women who are well nourished with a balanced nutritional diet. (2) So let’s limit the time that we may or may not suffer some or none of the menopausal symptoms by simply looking after ourselves and eating the right nutritious foods. 
So lets take control and care of your bodies. In the 20’s we can ignore it, in the 30’s we start to listen to it and in our 40’s we need to take care of it. 
Taking care of our bodies during menopause 
Limit your booze 
cut the caffeine 
join the gym 
drink H20 
and get a decent amount of Z’s each night.(5) 
And last and most importantly listen to “your” body and give it the right amount of nutrients to support it through this physiological process. 
Lets get back some of that “ Girl Power” that the spice girls sold us and feel empowered. (4) Lets not let it effect our life’s (7) and kick the menopause in to touch. 
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