FACT: The World Health Organization estimate that over 382 million people worldwide including 4.05 million people in the UK have diabetes, a metabolic disorder affecting blood sugar levels. 
I inwardly smiled to myself when a friend of mine said, “yer yer I’m fully aware of my Diabetes”, but are they? 
Though they might be aware of “their” Diabetes, and I’m not talking about either Type I, Type II or Gestrational. I’m talking about “their” type as in Type Brenda or Type Claire or Type Bob? 
There are lots of factors around us to share, making others more aware of their chances of having diabetes, as well as helping others become more educated about diabetes. Not only that, but within the diabetes community we need to remember that no two people live with diabetes the same way. 
Your doctor and you are the ones that decide your treatment. Ultimately you make the day to day decisions when it comes to your diabetes management. This is the same for everyone. 
Aware that we each need to be in control of our diabetes management, whatever that means to each individual. 
Aware that other factors influence how our body reacts to food and medication. That could be other illnesses, medication, stress, emotions, or just the phase of the moon. 
Aware that each of us has a different level of need for support, be it nutritional educational, medical, or emotional. 
Aware that we all deserve what we need to manage our diabetes to the best of our ability – Nutrition, medication, equipment, electronics, counseling, education, etc. 
Let you become more “Aware” of "your" Diabetes, let me help you! 
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